Meet The Team

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Cougar Robotics Team

Alexander Morin, Ariel Simpson, CharmaineJoy Gaolran, Conner Sunderland, Evan Brown, Hannah Lebedyk, Hannah Lacobelli, Jackson Klassen, Jacob, Joe Bedard, Joshua Tomanelli, Lexy Lacobelli, Quinn Chanbers, Spencer Prior, Spencer Rodriques, and Tilla Galata



Brad Chambers, B.ED., B Arch.

Head Mentor for Cougar Robotics
Director of Technological Education at Cardinal Carter

Richard Iacobelli, P. Eng. MBA IMT

President of Liquid Capital Midwest Corp, Insight Advantage and Lexhan Investments
Mechanical and Design Mentor Cougar Robotics 
Experience: Engineering, Design, Project Management, Business

Renee Daudlin-Iacobelli, M. Ed., CCRC

VP Opperations of Insight Advantage
Business Mentor Cougar Robotics 
Experience: Business Development, Training, Community Relations

Greg Chambers 

Toolmaker (FCA, WAP)
Design & Build Mentor Cougar Robotics 

Christopher Towle

President of JETT Media Group Inc.
Programming Mentor Cougar Robotics
Experience: Developed custom software for the welding and automotive sectors, Machine Vision Consultant for GM powertrain